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What's a Screening?

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What is a stroke, abdominal aortic aneursym (AAA) & PAD Screening?

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A screening is a method of finding disease in people who do not yet show signs and symptoms of the disease. The goal of the screening is to provide you with information that can help you take better control of your health.

The stroke, AAA and PAD screening is a quick and painless way to give you information about your vascular health. A physician with expertise in vascular disease will provide you and your primary care physician with the results of your screening within one week. If further follow-up is recommended, this information will be provided to both you and your primary care physician.

* Sources: Society for Vascular Surgery & American College of Cardiology

For additional information, please call a Vascular Screening Specialist at 888-9AT-RISK or 888-928-7475.


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Why participate in a screening?

The good news is 80% of strokes can be prevented and other peripheral vascular problems can often be easily managed if diagnosed early. Early detection is the key to a course of action that could be lifesaving.

Screening Dates & Locations

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