IAC accreditation for vascular testing is the “gold standard” in the industry.  IAC accreditation ensures that a facility has successfully completed a rigorous application and review process and has demonstrated a commitment to quality patient care.

The review process includes an assessment of the technologists training and experience, equipment used, and quality improvement metrics. Quality improvement is an ongoing process that assesses the:

  1. Appropriateness of the referring physician order
  2. Technical quality by verifying the accuracy of the information provided during a patient examination.
  3. Interpretive quality and the accuracy of the interpretation.
  4. Report completeness and timeliness by evaluating the time to the final verified signed report and that the necessary components of the report are included.
  5. Case correlation with an appropriate imaging modality, surgical findings, or clinical outcome.

IAC requires labs to include all of the above quality improvement components, with supporting documentation, in their quality improvement program.

There are differences in facilities with regard to how quality improvement programs are designed and maintained.  NAVIX looks for these differences and provides the tools to incorporate a comprehensive quality assurance program for continuous improvement in your facility.