At NAVIX Diagnostix, we are dedicated to transforming patient care by enhancing the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of diagnostic imaging. Our mission is to partner with healthcare providers to achieve clinical excellence and financial sustainability. Our comprehensive services range from fully managed diagnostic labs to tailored staffing solutions and specialized accreditation support, ensuring a holistic approach to healthcare diagnostics.

Our expertise spans a wide array of diagnostic specialties, including but not limited to vascular testing, echocardiography, nuclear medicine, Holter monitoring, and general ultrasound. Through our practical staffing solutions, extensive physician education programs, and robust support for accreditation projects, NAVIX is at the forefront of driving advancements in diagnostic service lines and fostering long-term quality improvements.

Revolutionizing Vascular Disease Management and Beyond

For healthcare professionals focused on the comprehensive management of vascular disease, NAVIX offers an unparalleled suite of services. Our programs are designed to deliver turnkey noninvasive diagnostic services, enriched with educational initiatives for physicians and technologists, and backed by exhaustive clinical, operational, and accreditation support. Partnering with NAVIX means ensuring high-quality, standardized, and consistent diagnostic outcomes that not only enhance clinical results but also improve financial performance, all without the need for capital investment.

NAVIX’s cost-effective solutions empower physicians to offer seamless continuity of care, strengthening the long-term physician-patient relationship. While our primary expertise lies in vascular diagnostics, our capabilities extend to other critical imaging modalities, ensuring comprehensive support for healthcare facilities of all types. From academic and community hospitals to private practices and ACOs, NAVIX is your trusted ally in redefining patient care through diagnostic excellence.



Whether you are interested in improving or expanding your current vascular diagnostic service or opening a new vein center, NAVIX can help! NAVIX’s deep domain expertise in noninvasive vascular diagnostics and vein treatment will help you achieve service line growth with the best outcomes, clinically and financially.

With an expertise in venous insufficiency testing and IAC Vein Center Accreditation, NAVIX is the ideal solution for physicians and administrators interested in enhancing their current service. Our clinical and operational management will ensure you get the most out of your service line investment by integrating vascular diagnostic services across all specialties leading to quicker and more effective diagnosis of vascular disease. This unique approach will not only increase revenue from your vascular diagnostics but increase your downstream revenue from interventional procedures.  

NAVIX’s services cover all vascular testing areas including extracranial cerebrovascular, peripheral arterial, venous, and visceral. If you are interested in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnostic Lab Services, NAVIX offers a complete solution.


NAVIX IAC Accredited Turnkey Vascular Lab


NAVIX Trained RVT/RVS * IAC Accreditation * Operational & Clinical Management * Cloud-based Vascular Reporting System * Equipment Option  



Navix has brought tremendous value to our Hospital. Our Ultrasound Department’s productivity has improved substantially, More importantly, Navix’s advanced algorithms provide a more comprehensive vascular evaluation assisting our physicians in making a timely clinical diagnosis. As a result, our surgical volume and revenue have significantly increased.
Jerry St. Clair

Director of Medical Imaging & Rehabilitation Services, Chestnut Hill Hospital


NAVIX provides the most comprehensive education for physicians interested in learning how to interpret various noninvasive vascular imaging and physiologic tests. We offer our Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Preceptorship in a variety of formats including a program that supports APCA’s new 100 case pathway. Whether you are seeking to gain more experience in vascular interpretation or obtain your Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) credential, NAVIX has the program to meet your needs.


Just wanted to drop a note regarding the recent NAVIX course done for our physicians. We are a large practice with over 40 physicians. When we wanted to bring in an organization with the experience, expertise, and flexibility to work with the myriad of schedules we had to coordinate, we knew NAVIX was the right choice. They not only worked with us to get the training sessions scheduled on dates and times that would work, they knocked it out of the park with the quality of the program. Several of our physicians have raved about the course and felt the content was invaluable. We highly recommend the NAVIX RPVI Course.

Khanh Q. Nguyen, DO, RPVI

Corporate Medical Officer, Center for Vein Restoration

250 Case Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Preceptorship

This Vascular Ultrasound Preceptorship supports APCA's RPVI 100-case pathway meeting the prerequisites for fellows, residents or practicing physicians. Our faculty covers the same topics taught in our popular 4-day Preceptorship but with fewer cases in 2.5 days.

500 Case Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Preceptorship

Since 2009, NAVIX has been educating physicians in the interpretation of vascular ultrasound. NAVIX's 4-day, 500 case preceptorship was designed to provide physicians experience reading cases with varied pathology using IAC-compliant diagnostic criteria and report standards.

Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Preceptorship for Fellowship Programs

This program is designed specifically for fellowships seeking the foundational skills and vascular interpretation experience with exposure to varied case pathology with preparation for RPVI exam. Our expert faculty cover physics and Proctor up to 500 vascular ultrasound cases.

Onsite Vascular Ultrasound Preceptorship for Physician Groups 

This program is customized to meet the needs of a group physician practice interested in learning vascular interpretation. NAVIX’s expert instructors provide a rich learning experience for physician groups seeking to standardize reporting and improve the quality of the vascular lab.

Need Accreditation Maintenance, Training & Support?

Our accreditation experts provide the complete support your program needs to obtain and maintain your accreditation with the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), American College of Radiology (ACR) or the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). Whether you need help on a specific problem, an IAC audit, or you want ongoing accreditation maintenance, NAVIX can help! We offer training, quality audits, maintenance, and consulting both hourly, or an ongoing monthly or quarterly program. NAVIX will work with you to customize a solution that best suits your needs.

Want to learn more?

NAVIX customizes its services to the needs of our clients. If you are interested in discussing any of our programs, we would be delighted to schedule a meeting or conference call.

Accreditation services

With more than 100 accredited labs, NAVIX has been a tremendous resource for physician practices and hospitals seeking first-time accreditation or reaccreditation. Our team has experience in supporting clinical and administrative staff in IAC, AIUM, and ACR compliance. NAVIX offers project consulting or monthly maintenance programs to ensure you maintain high standards and are worry-free when you need reaccreditation. NAVIX Accreditation Services include:

  • Project management and preparation of required documentation
  • Review accreditation standards, guidelines and process with lab staff
  • Review and coordinate current practices and documentation
  • Case study reviews and selection
  • Quality assurance documentation review and structure, if needed

Vein Centers | Vascular Labs | Echocardiography | Nuclear Medicine | MSK Testing | General Ultrasound | OB/GYN | Other Imaging Modalities


For the last 6 years, Joyce Fraser, NAVIX Regional Clinical Director, has been managing our Echocardiography and Nuclear IAC Accreditation projects. Our relationship with Joyce and the NAVIX team has been truly beneficial to our practice. The process of obtaining and maintaining our accreditations is much easier and our staff feels supported throughout the process.
Dr. Gupta and Dr. Patel

Cardiologists, New Jersey Institute

Vascular Ultrasound Training

Over two decades, Navix has delivered programs and training to support the development of world-class vascular diagnostic programs that achieve IAC accreditation and create an alignment of physicians and departments increasing endovascular interventional and vascular surgical volume. Navix works with some of the most prestigious vascular programs in the nation.

Navix is a clinically-focused organization with a team of nationally recognized experts in vascular ultrasound. Our deep domain expertise in vascular disease diagnosis has led to our involvement in several clinical trials including Harvest, Euclid, and Ti-Pad. Navix was nationally ranked #3 in recruiting and enrollment for Euclid Trial for Duke and Astra Zeneca.

From beginning to advanced imaging, our clinical leaders have extensive experience providing hands-on training in the following exams:

Echocardiography | Transcranial Doppler Duplex | Carotid | Physiologic Upper Extremity | Lower Extremity Physiologic | Lower Arterial Duplex | EVAR | Aortoiliac Duplex | Abdominal Aortic  Aneurysm Screening | Venous Insufficiency (Reflux) Duplex | Iliocaval Duplex | Visceral Vascular Duplex | Dialysis Access Duplex | Upper Extremity Pre-Dialysis Access Arterial & Venous Mapping

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank the Navix Team for the excellent vascular ultrasound training. Gillian did a great job coordinating the logistics of our training and our instructor, Tish, was outstanding. We learned a lot and feel far better equipped to move forward with our project. We appreciate your working with our knowledge base and helping us learn so many of the finer points of the procedure.

Julie M.

Government Scientist

Consulting to Improve Lab quality

NAVIX’s clinical and operational team assists physicians and administrators achieve one standard of care in the delivery of vascular diagnostic services resulting in improved quality, higher efficiency, and better outcomes, clinically and financially. NAVIX’s focused approach to integrating vascular diagnostic services may be exactly what you need to take your cardiovascular service line to the next level. Often times, department structure and specializations compromise a healthcare organization’s ability to identify and treat vascular disease. NAVIX’s innovative approach to vascular diagnostic program integration allows you to identify vascular disease across specialties.

If you are developing, expanding or trying to standardize your vascular diagnostic program, NAVIX can help! Our team will develop a customized solution that is practical and cost-effective.

Technical Director Support (TDS) | Lab Assessment | Technologist Quality Improvement Audit | IAC Audit | IAC Project Consulting | Onsite Training | Physician Education & CME Onsite Programs  

We partnered with Navix for Vascular Ultrasound coverage and training.  Navix worked side by side with our technologist to be sure they were proficient in all vascular exams.  Our technologists are now Registered Vascular technologists thanks to the mentoring from Navix. We continue to work with Navix as they provide support via a virtual technical director who is available for questions, offers support, critiques our exams and supplies continuing education.  With Navix’s help, we have been able to offer a service that has never been offered in our community and invest in our employees.

Coleen Goulet, R.T. (R)(M)(ARRT)

Diagnostic Imaging Director, Astria Sunnyside Hospital

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