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We partnered with Navix for Vascular Ultrasound coverage and training.  Navix worked side by side with our technologist to be sure they were proficient in all vascular exams.  Our technologists are now Registered Vascular technologists thanks to the mentoring from Navix. We continue to work with Navix as they provide support via a virtual technical director who is available for questions, offers support, critiques our exams and supplies continuing education.  With Navix’s help, we have been able to offer a service that has never been offered in our community and invest in our employees.

Coleen Goulet, R.T. (R)(M)(ARRT)

Diagnostic Imaging Director, Astria Sunnyside Hospital

Enhance Your Cardiovascular Service Line with NAVIX Quality-Focused Programs

NAVIX offers individualized assistance to physicians and administrators seeking to improve the quality of their noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic lab. Our consulting services allow you add experts to your team without the additional overhead expenses.

Program Development Consulting Services

NAVIX consulting services are provided by domain experts in specific areas of cardiac and vascular testing. Our clinical team can help you identify gaps in services through a comprehensive assessment of your current program uncovering opportunities to decrease costs and increase revenue.

Technical Director Service

NAVIX clinical experts will help you enhance the quality of your diagnostic program through protocol standardization, quality assurance program with ongoing audits, and accreditation completion for IAC Accreditation in Vascular, Echo or Nuclear Testing, as well as IAC Vein Center Accreditation.

Technologist Training

NAVIX customized technologist training is designed to improve the quality and scope of cardiovascular testing services. With NAVIX’s extensive library of vascular course modules and experienced clinical team, you can effectively assess your staff and provide a plan for enhancing their skills. Training Programs use a combination of didactic instruction, case review, and hands-on scanning.


For facilities interested in creating a training program for new and existing technologists, or who would like to enhance training processes, NAVIX can customize training materials, processes, and content. From presentations, documentation materials, and on-going Quality Review, NAVIX has developed training programs internally and for other organizations. For larger institutions, NAVIX develops and implements “Train the Trainer” programs, qualifying instructors in the utilization of the materials to achieve desired training results.

Physician Education

NAVIX’s provides education focused on the identification and diagnosis of vascular disease. Whether you are preparing for your RPVI or looking to enhance your skills in a specific testing area, NAVIX has the expertise to help design a tailored program that meets your needs. NAVIX’s educational programs are available at our public training centers or can be brought on-site to a location of your choice. NAVIX offers many specialized courses to support specialties such as Vein Ablation, Peripheral Vascular, Transcranial Doppler, and Renal Ultrasound.

Talent Acquisition Assistance

As one of the largest outsourced providers for noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic services, NAVIX understands the importance of hiring experienced, credentialed technologists who can consistently perform accurate, high-quality non-invasive testing.With nearly 100 noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic labs, NAVIX has a rigorous process for selecting and onboarding new cardiovascular technologists. We have shared our expertise with physicians and administrators assisting them in the process of selecting qualified staff that meets their needs. NAVIX can help you assess competency and develop a program for ongoing quality reviews. Let our team help you a process that assures better outcomes for your patients.