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Web-based Ultrasound Reporting
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Web-based Ultrasound Reporting: Access Vascular Ultrasound Reports & Images, Study Data & Reports – Anytime, Anywhere

A comprehensive medical imaging workflow solution that allows exams to be uploaded to the cloud.

NAVIX’s full-service vascular lab program includes technology to improve the interpretation process of vascular ultrasound reports. Physicians, sonographers, and administrators can use NAVIX’s medical imaging web-based solution to access images, study data and reports from anywhere they have internet access.

System Overview

This is a web-based image storage, reporting, and workflow solution that improves efficiencies for sonographers, interpreting physicians, referring/ordering physicians and administrators. It is a complete workflow solution that begins when the ultrasound exam leaves the ultrasound machine and ends when the final report has reached the intended recipients.

There are two physical components that are part of our solution which is powered by Studycast – CoreConnect and CoreWeb.
CoreConnect is the gateway product that resides on a computer at the client’s local facility. CoreConnect receives the exam from the ultrasound machine and then transmits the images and study data to CoreWeb.
CoreWeb is the web application that is used to view study images, Studycast SmartWorksheets, and final reports. With so many SmartWorksheets available, Studycast provides exam-specific tools to effectively and efficiently complete an interpretation of vascular ultrasound reports. Once approved, final ultrasound reports are routed to the referring physician, EMR/EHR systems, billing departments, or other client-specified destinations.

From nearly any ultrasound machine, Studycast can acquire measurement data and populate this data in the online SmartWorksheets. The study results can be shared with other professionals for interpretation or second opinions.
Studycast support is included as part of the Studycast service. Support team members can access client computers to assist with any questions a client may have.

Administrative reports including average approve time, study volume reports, and accreditation reports are all available to Studycast clients. All data that resides within Studycast can be accessed in .csv, .html or .pdf reports. HITECH and HIPAA compliance obligations with regards to image storage and access are provided. Studies are stored with Studycast for 7 years, or until your patient is 25 years of age (in the case of pediatric patients). Core Sound Imaging maintains multiple copies of your ePHI, in two geographically diverse data centers. SmartWorksheets™

  • Complete access from any computer with internet access
  • Data populates from most ultrasound machines (see ‘Measurement data support’)
  • Patient demographic information transfers from most ultrasound machines
  • More than 50 SmartWorksheet types to make interpretation efficient
  • Interactive diagrams makes interpretation fast and easy*
  • Grouping of exams
  • Customizable dropdown lists
  • Include study images in final report*
  • Compare patient’s previous study images with a click
  • Approve ‘normal’ exam in two clicks

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Improving outcomes through better diagnostics.

Company Facts:

  • Nearly 100 Registered Technologists
  • Partnerships with Academic & Community Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Access Centers, and Physician Practices
  • More than 100 Managed Accredited Facilities including Vascular, Echocardiography, Nuclear and Vein Centers
  • More than 2,000 Physicians trained in Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation

All you need is NAVIX's course to pass the RPVI.

Dr. Nirav Patel

Chief of Vascular Surgery and Medical Director of the Wound Healing Center, St. John’s Riverside Hospital

I really appreciated the clarity of the instructor. The didactic portion was excellent and I would definitely recommend this course.

Dr. Ramesh Gowda

Director of Endovascular Interventions, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital

Tish is a spectacular teacher and has great integrity that she combines with her passion for the art and science of ultrasound technology. Taking a course from her felt like taking a golf lesson from Jack Nicklaus.

Dr. Bruce Ruben

I did want to take the time to specifically credit Dr. Rodriguez-Wong for doing such an amazing job in teaching in this course. She is a wonderful asset to your program as she is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the subject matter and takes the time to provide excellent didactic lectures. I will definitely recommend this course to other fellows and colleagues that are interested in learning vascular ultrasound and taking the RPVI boards in the future.

Dr. Amrish Malhi

Interventional Cardiology Fellow, Lenox Hill Hospital

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank the Navix Team for the excellent vascular ultrasound training. Gillian did a great job coordinating the logistics of our training and our instructor, Tish, was outstanding. We learned a lot and feel far better equipped to move forward with our project. We appreciate your working with our knowledge base and helping us learn so many of the finer points of the procedure.

Julie M.

Government Scientist